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  • Creating Research Opportunties
  • Creating Research Opportunities The University of Wyoming is one of 22 institutions funded by the National Institutes for Health IDeA Networks for Biomedical Excellence (INBRE) Program.
  • Wyoming INBRE Network The Wyoming INBRE network is led by the University of Wyoming in partnership with seven community colleges.

Welcome to Wyoming INBRE

The goal of Wyoming INBRE 2 is to continue to build on
the accomplishments of the eight years of National
Institutes for Health Biomedical Research
Infrastructure (BRIN). Phase I and the recently
concluded Northern Rockies IDeA Networks
for Biomedical Research Excellence
(INBRE) program.

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Wyoming INBRE Requests Pre-Proposals for INBRE 3 Thematic Research Projects

Wyoming INBRE is requesting pre-proposals for the Wyoming INBRE 3 Thematic Research Project Program. Selected pre-proposals will be invited to submit full proposals for projects with a start date of May 1, 2014 pending receipt of the Wyoming INBRE 3 Notice of Award from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences. The goal of the Thematic Research Program is to provide support to faculty developing research projects related to Wyoming INBRE Thematic foci that will be competitive for NIH R-type or other external funding sources (NSF, AHA, ADA, etc...). The research foci for Wyoming INBRE 3 are 1) cardiometabolic syndrome and 2) technology for chronic disease research and therapeutics. Proposals from junior investigators (assistant professor) that address the Wyoming INBRE Thematic Areas and related rural health issues will receive priority. Inquiries regarding feasibility of potential projects are encouraged and can be directed to Dr. Ren (jren@uwyo.edu) or Dr. Seville (sseville@uwyo.edu). Due date for pre-proposals is Friday, 5:00pm January 16, 2015. Click for the full RFP.

Proposals requested for Wyoming INBRE Bioinformatics Training Travel Grant Program

The NIH NIGMS-funded Wyoming IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Program requests proposals from University of Wyoming and Wyoming community college faculty and researchers to the Wyoming INBRE Bioinformatics Training Travel Grant Program. The immediate goal of this program is to support the travel costs associated with participation in formal bioinformatics training events (workshops, short courses). The longer-term objective of the program is to enhance the bioinformatics expertise of Wyoming researchers and educators, as a contribution towards furthering the goals of Wyoming INBRE. Faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other research personnel are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by 5pm on December 31, 2014. Click for Application Materials

Mountain West CTR-IN Calls for Clinical/Translational Research Pilot Proposal Nominations

The NIH NIGMS funded Mountain West Clinical and Translational Research- Infrastructure Network is soliciting proposals for the next round of clinical/translational Pilot Research Projects. 

Limited competition nomination of applicants from eligible institutions: Interested applicants must coordinate with their respective institution's Research Office and CTR-IN Concierge (see CTR-IN Concierge Network). Each institution may nominate up to four applicants. Nominating Packets must be submitted by the institution's Office of Sponsored Programs. Submission will be electronic through the CTR-IN Pilot Grant Application Portal at: Pilot Grant Evaluation Interface and initial packets must be received by 5:00 PM PST on January 28, 2015.Nominating packets must be submitted by 5:00pm Monday January 5, 2015.

To submit a nominating packet for the Mountain West Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network Pilot Grant Program (see full FOA for details- REVIEW CAREFULLY) please compile into a single pdf document the required completed packet materials and submit to the UW CTR-IN Concierge at sseville@uwyo.edu.

Required nominating packet materials:

  • An NIH format Biographical Sketch for the proposed PI including the required Personal Statement. See http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/2590/biosketchsample.pdf
  • An NIH format Other Support document for the proposed PI. See http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/2590/Non-competing_othersupport.pdf
  • A summary of the proposed research of not more than one page with sufficient detail to establish that the research is clinical or translational.
  • A summary of the IRB status (IRB proposal in preparation, submitted, or approved with a copy of the approval). If IRB approval is not required, the reason must be documented.
  • A letter of support signed by an appropriate institutional official committing to provide support for half of the requested PI effort if the CTR-IN Pilot Grant is awarded.
  • Identification of the project mentor, and a letter of support from the proposed mentor indicating willingness to work with the prospective PI. For assistance in identifying a mentor, see (Mentoring).

If you have questions contact Scott Seville.

Wyoming INBRE Requests Proposals for UW-Community College Collaborative Grant Proposals

Wyoming INBRE is soliciting proposals from Wyoming Community College and University of Wyoming faculty and researchers to the INBRE Wyoming Community College- University of Wyoming Collaborative Grant Program. The goal of this program is to support research projects that engage University and Wyoming Community College researchers and students in projects that further the goals of Wyoming INBRE and have the potential to produce publishable results and develop into fundable programs at NIH and other federal agencies. The project should engage undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs at UW and the community college in the collaboration and facilitate the development of undergraduates into independent researchers. It should also help undergraduates identify and pursue pathways to the baccalaureate degree and graduate training in the biomedical sciences. Proposals should be for biomedical-related research projects broadly defined. This includes but is not limited to research in the disciplines of nutrition, physiology, molecular biology, epidemiology, disease ecology, environmental health, bioinformatics and computational biology. Projects that relate to the INBRE thematic research areas of (1) Cardiometabolic Syndrome and (2) Technologies for Chronic Disease Research and Therapeutics are strongly encouraged. The maximum amount requested cannot exceed $15,000 and the award must be expended by August 31, 2015. Click for RFP and Application Materials.

Wy INBRE Awards 14 Research Assistantships for Spring and Fall 2015

Wyoming INBRE has awarded 14 Graduate Reserach Assistantships to UW faculty conducting biomedical-related research. RA recipients include: Franco Basile (Chemistry), Brian Cherrington (Zoology and Physiology), Amy Navratil (Zoology and Physiology), Qian Quan Sun (Zoology and Physiology), and Krisztina Varga (Chemistry) from the College of Arts and Sciences; Domen Novak (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Patrick Johnson (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering), Maciej Radosz (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering), and Carl Frick (Mechanical Engineering) from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences; David Fay (Molecular Biology), Daniel Levy (Molecular Biology), Wei Guo (Animal Sciences, Anna Lyuksyutova (Molecular Biology) from the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences; and Sreejayan Nair from the School of Pharmacy. The graduate research assistantship provides a GA stipend, tuition, fees and health insurance for the supported student. 

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