Outreach Core

The Outreach School will contribute to the INBRE Outreach Core by utilizing its statewide delivery network and course offerings to help reach the program goals of building a statewide network of biomedical research scholars, developing a pipeline of students who will prepare for study and work in the biomedical field, enhancing workforce development through education, and making these efforts sustainable. Specific goals include:

  • Provide financial and technical support for faculty to develop and deliver upper division science and math courses to be offered statewide allowing students to move from community college programs to university baccalaureate programs, to university graduate programs. This includes courses that move students toward a certificate in a biomedical research area (e.g., bioinformatics).
  • Provide the support necessary for students from community colleges and statewide University programs to be successful in these upper division science and math courses. This will enhance the number of students who are retained and are successful in the pipeline toward participation in biomedical research.
  • Provide the linkages necessary to connect community college faculty and students with University of Wyoming faculty and students on the main campus and statewide. This will enhance the workforce already in place, and enhance collaboration among researchers in the Wyoming community colleges, family practice centers, hospitals, and the University of Wyoming.

Dr. Robert "Scott" Seville, Director
Associate Dean, UW Outreach School
Professor of Zoology and Physiology

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