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Research in my lab focuses on a variety of "little things" including: the ecology, evolution, taxonomy and systematics of intestinal protozoa or "coccidia" found living in the intestines of small mammals; long-term effects of the 1988 Yellowstone fires on small mammals and their parasites; and protein structure of spider silk proteins.

Lab members:

Dr. Mara Motriuk-Smith, Lecturer in Biology, University of Wyoming/Casper College Center

Dr. Larisa Harding, Lecturer in Biology, University of Wyoming/Casper College Center

Dr. Zac Roehrs, Lecturer in Biology, Laramie County Community College

Delina Barbosa, undergraduate researcher

Mark Coulter, undergraduate researcher

Aaron Sharp, undergraduate researcher

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Dr. R. Scott Seville

Associate Dean, Outreach School
Professor of Zoology and Physiology
University of Wyoming/ Casper College Center
125 College Drive
Casper, Wyoming 82601
Phone 307-268-2543
FAX 307-268-2416

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