Wyoming INBRE Summer 2012 Undergraduate Research Awards

April 24, 2012 - Ten University of Wyoming and eight University of Wyoming/Casper College undergraduate students were selected to receive WY INBRE awards to conduct independent studies working with mentor faculty...

UW Laramie Fellowship Recipients

Student Name

Student Hometown Title Of Research Proposal Faculty Mentor
Anna Fahlsing Rock Springs, WY Prospective Memory and Social Tasks: Remembering To Do Things For Others S. Penningroth
Paige Fischer Arvada, CO Fabrication of herringbone-patterned hydrogel surfaces for the capture and release of circulating tumor cells J. Oakey
Sean Foley Albuquerque, NM The Effects of Laramie River Effluent on the Neurological Development of Xenopus laevis K. Pratt
Isaac Hayward Laramie, WY Identification of Citrulinated Proteins in Normal Mammary Epithelial and Breast Cancer Cells B. Cherrington
Rebecca Lord Las Vegas, NV Musca Domestica (Common Housefly) Inspired Vision Sensor with Multiaperture Design C. Wright
James Moulton Glenrock, WY Protein Structural Studies of TSPO, a Membrane Protein Implicated in Central Nervous System Diseases K. Varga
Elsey Perkins Sequim, WA Physiological Changes in Chemically Castrated Coyotes D. Skinner
Rachel Schaefer Laramie, WY Synthetic Optogenetic System to Study Bacterial Pathology M. Gomelsky
Shayla Slaugh Lyman, WY Modulating Endogenous Testosterone Levels in the Zebra Finch J. Prather
Alexander Wolff Gillette, WY Is it possible to alter the change in molecular events following a myocardial infarction? M. Stayton & D. Thomas

UW Casper and Casper College Scholarship Recipients

Student Name Student Hometown Title Of Research Proposal or Letter of Intent Faculty Mentor
Delina Barbosa Casper, WY Eimeria (Apicomplexan: Eimeriidae)From Heteromyids (Rodentia: Heteromyidae) in the Rocky Mountain Region D. Motriuk-Smith
Brian Clark Casper, WY Isolating Piriform and Aciniform Silk Genes in the Orb-Weaving
Spider Araneus gemmoides
D. Motriuk-Smith
Mark Coulter Casper, WY Identification of MaSp1-like, MaSp2, aciniform and piriform silk
sequences from Araneus gemmoides
D. Motriuk-Smith
Ashley Nickolai Green Bay, WI Eimeriidae and Tamias Species D. Motriuk-Smith
Stack Nathan Casper, WY Analysis of Fresh Water for HPV, Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalovirus J. Chase
Scott Rickabaugh Casper, WY Letter of Intent J. Forrester
Erik Vierkant Casper, WY Letter of Intent J. Forrester
Alex Young Casper, WY Letter of Intent J. Forrester

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